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Sustainability and the environment

For us, sustainable and socially responsible management is a long-term success factor and driver of innovation.

We aspire to combine the best-possible product quality and service with effective environmental protection and social responsibility. To achieve this, we work closely together with our customers, suppliers and a variety of federations and organisations.

Sustainable development means that our current standard of living and future activities should not burden future generations or other nations, nor should they question other species’ right to live. Instead, development should be socially, economically and ecologically balanced whilst preserving our livelihood.

To be able to manage sustainable practices more sensibly and to make them more transparent for our stakeholders, we publish a sustainability report every 2 years. In the current, second report we outline the status quo at Sport-Thieme in relation to the factors mentioned on over 50 pages.

The report is targeted at our customers and suppliers, employees, politicians, authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as people in the regions that we are active in. It shows which essential social and ecological, but also economic challenges are associated with our core activity. In addition, we report, wherever possible, about potential conflicts of objectives which arise, and which strategies we have developed for this.

Klimaneutrale Bewirtschaftung

From sustainable resources

Look out for this label on gymnastics products.
It guarantees that our products are made from sustainable resources.

Download the sustainability resport as a PDF here:

The Sport-Thieme sustainability report


We are also happy to send you the report. Simply request a copy:
Sport-Thieme GmbH
38367 Grasleben
Tel. 05357–18181
Fax 05357–18190


Current projects

We take the topic of ecological responsibility very seriously and have been a partner of ‘Plant my Tree’ for some time. Using this, we offset our annual CO2 emissions by planting numerous trees across the country, allowing us to fulfil our responsibility.

Find out more about our partner at www.plant-my-tree.de


Environmental protection

For the sake of our customers and the environment!

“Acting responsibly in the name of the environment and the future” is the guiding principle to which all Sport-Thieme employees work in order to achieve an exemplary performance regarding environmental protection – e.g.:

  • Wherever possible, balls etc are delivered flat (deflated) to save space and energy.
  • Wherever possible, recyclable materials are used in production.