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Slashpipe "Single"

Train with water

product details
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Orange Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Blue Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Orange
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Slashpipe "Single" Blue
Colour Price ( Pair ) Delivery date Quantity ( Pair )
Slashpipe "Single" Orange Orange W0-622376501 * € 126.04
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 19.10.
Slashpipe "Single" Blue Blue W0-622376514 * € 126.04
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 19.10.
Accessories W0-622376501 (Orange)

Experience a new training feeling with the "Single" Slashpipe. Variety when training is guaranteed with this innovative and functional training product!
  • Ideal for use in fitness and gymnastics
  • Stabilises and trains the whole body
  • Incl. hand straps and end caps
  • For relaxation as well as balance, sensorimotor, coordination and strength training
AGR Slashpipe FIBO Innovation Award Winner 2015 German Design Award 2016 Innovation Award 2015 Slashpipe ISPO Award Winner 2015/2016 ISPO Gold 2014/15 Made in Germany

Product description

The "Single" Slashpipe: the different kind of training product
The "Single" Slashpipe: what is it actually?
This training product is a water-filled pipe. It is 50-cm long and has a hand strap for optimum hold. The water in the pipe is coloured blue or orange. The colours serve no particular purpose, but are simply visually pleasing. Whether as part of personal or group training, for gymnastics exercises or for functional training at home – the Slashpipe is easy to use anywhere and offers you a varied workout thanks to the different exercise possibilities. It can be compactly stored away after your fitness training.

Further information:
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • In pairs
  • Made in Germany
  • Patented training product

Exercise possibilities:
  • Knee lifts
  • Crunches
  • Lower back rotations
  • Squats
  • Rowing
  • Many more
Experience an entirely new effect on your body
Train different areas with the "Single" Slashpipe. From improving power and endurance, to posture and training coordination – this fitness product offers an effective functional workout for the whole body. The closer the training assistant is kept to the body, the easier the exercises. Aside from the training aspect, the pipe also stimulates the senses: follow the water with your eyes, listen to the swishing from inside the pipe and feel the movement of the water with the body. Therefore, the pipe is ideal for use in ergo therapy and physiotherapy.

The entire body is exercised during the whole training session. Grab it whilst you can and let the patented "Single" Slashpipe convince you.



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Slashpipe "Single"

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Slashpipe single Die beigefügten Übungsbeispiele, beziehen sich nicht auf die Slashpipe singen. Warum?

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 22 August 2021


topproduct Een innoverende ervaring. Het maakt oefeningen doen (training of revalidatie) een stuk aangenamer. Bovendien heb je een schitterend resultaat na de training. Aanbevolen voor zowel recreant als prof

  • Kwaliteit
  • Design
  • Functionaliteit

Bought on: 30 August 2020