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Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment for gyms, home fitness & clubs

From the Sport-Thieme fitness shop you can get everything for your fitness training in the studio, at home or outdoors. Whether dumbbells, tubes, steppers, cross trainers or entire equipment parks: In our extensive range you will find high-quality fitness equipment from brand manufacturers - from small aids to complete equipment for fitness studios.

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What equipment should I buy?

Our customers often ask this question, because the bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Carefully choosing the right pieces of equipment before buying is crucial for effective training, whether at home or at the gym.

What is the difference between different types of treadmills, cross trainers etc.?

There are many differences between pieces of fitness equipment that most people don’t see straight away. Here is a brief overview:
  • You can jog on treadmills regardless of the weather. Many treadmills offer different functions, such as manual training or interval training.
  • Cross trainers are also classics among fitness equipment. Cross trainers simulate an elliptical running movement. The arms are also included in the harmonious motion sequence. This type of exercise is particularly easy on the joints. Ergometers are pieces of equipment that accurately measure and display your sporting performance in watts. They are different from simpler exercise bikes in this respect and are often used in rehabilitation.
  • Exercise bikes, however, are best suited to exercising at home. You can exercise at home regardless of the weather and in a time-saving way whenever you want. Exercise bikes are the most popular pieces of equipment for home use. Rowing machines simulate rowing on the water and are particularly suited to rowers who want to maintain their performance level during the off-season. However, other athletes also use these pieces of equipment because rowing machines are well-suited to endurance training and at the same time, strengthen all of the body’s important muscle groups. The results: a toned stomach, a strong back and healthy posture.

Which fitness product is the best?

That’s not easy to say, because everyone has their own individual needs and has different physical requirements. Our comprehensive advice will help you with this.

What’s new within fitness equipment?

There are currently lots of trends in fitness that will also excite you. Try, for example, the Slashpipe or one of our pieces of fasciae equipment. Another big trend is body-weight training. Have you heard of strongman training? This involves training strength endurance with heavy equipment.

How do I clean fitness equipment?

Fitness equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after every use, especially when the equipment is used by several people. Many of the materials used can be wiped clean and are easy to disinfect.

Where can I buy fitness equipment online?

Sport-Thieme offers the widest range of sports equipment to sports enthusiasts. Whether small equipment or fitness equipment for professional use: have a look online and discover the many customer benefits we offer.