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Gymnastics is great for keeping you fit

The most modern equipment for school, therapy, mass sports and competitive sports – quick and easy to order from the gym shop at Sport-Thieme. The offer ranges from classic handsets such as gymnastic hoops, balls, bands and clubs to special training equipment for pilates or yoga. We also have everything you’ll need for ballet and dance.

Gymnastics: therapy, fitness and competition
The term gymnastics comes from the Greek language and originally means nothing more than "exercise" or "physical education". For normal gymnastics, you basically don’t need much: A non-slip mat is enough and off you go. In our gym shop at Sport-Thieme we have high-quality gymnastic mats from renowned manufacturers such as Airex or Movivit in different sizes and colours. Aids such as tubes, gymnastics stools or large gymnastics balls make certain exercises easier. These can also be used in physical therapy or for senior citizens to exercise joints and specific muscle groups.

Gymnastics tapes, skipping ropes, etc.
There are many different types of gymnastics, requiring all kinds of special equipment. In rhythmic gymnastics, exercise tapes, skipping ropes, balls, hoops and gymnastics clubs are used. At Sport-Thieme we have all the gymnastics competition handsets corresponding to the criteria of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG. Our extensive product range always has the latest aids for exercise gymnastics, including brands such as Togu, Bosu and other gymnastics specialists.