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Volleyball: digging and setting

Volleyball is a popular team sport. Strength, stamina, speed and a good feel for the ball are important prerequisites for digging, setting and a good serve. As well as classic indoor volleyball, beach volleyball is also increasing in popularity. Buy volleyball nets, volleyball posts, knee supports and volleyballs for schools, clubs, leisure time and professional sport in Sport-Thieme’s volleyball shop.

DVV-compliant match nets
You’ll find a wide range of volleyball products that comply with the German Volleyball Association’s (DVV) specifications. A distinction is made between the different DVV classifications. Products classified as DVV I comply with international standards, are suitable for national competitions and national teams. Only posts with the classification type I or II are approved for league games and tournaments. This also applies to nets and balls.

Volleyball posts and volleyballs
Complete beach volleyball sets for leisure sports enthusiasts are quick to set up and take down. There are also freely adjustable posts for school and club sports, which can be quickly put together and taken apart. Ground sockets are required to ensure safe ground anchoring and can be ordered separately. We also have competition volleyball posts that comply with DVV I and DVV II standards. The risk of injury to volleyball players is significantly reduced thanks to protective padding on the posts. Of course, you have to have the right volleyball: whether it’s the official Mikasa competition ball or those from other brands such as Molten and Conti, you’ve struck gold here. Buy everything that you need for playing volleyball in the Sport-Thieme volleyball shop.