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Volleyballs for indoor and more...

You can order affordable volleyballs for indoor and beach volleyball from the Sport-Thieme online shop. In addition to the official competition match balls from Mikasa, you will find high-quality volleyballs from Molton, Conti and other brands for clubs, schools and recreational sports.

Volleyballs for clubs, schools and leisure
Volleyball is a popular team sport and also a very common recreational sport. In addition to traditional indoor volleyball, beach volleyball has established itself as a popular sport in recent years. In the version played in the sand, there are only two players per team and they play according to slightly different rules, on a slightly smaller field (8 x 8 metres). Indoor volleyball on the other hand, is played with six players per team, on a 9 x 9 metre field. The net height is similar for both versions and varies depending on whether it is men's, women's or mixed volleyball.

Volleyballs for sports halls & sand
Beach volleyballs with a 67 cm circumference are slightly larger than indoor volleyballs and have lower internal pressure. They are made from waterproof material, so that they can withstand the rain and don’t get damaged when they land in the sea. Volleyballs for sports halls have a circumference of 65-67 cm and weigh 260-280 g. The official match ball for the 2012 Olympic Games, by Mikasa, has a new dimpled surface, which provides even better flying properties. Volleyballs made of foam are suitable for beginners and training with children.