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Pedalo "One" Team Games Box

product details
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
Pedalo "One" Team Games Box
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The Pedalo "One" team games box offers a wealth of different games and concentration exercises for all ages.
  • Versatile uses – from nursery to management training
  • Varied games for groups with 4 to 16 participants
  • Develops effective communication, active listening and cooperation
  • Participants learn to interact and assume responsibility
  • Train soft skills in a fun way

Product description

Pedalo "One" team games box – stronger together
Various games played in nurseries and schools teach us that we can achieve more in a group than by ourselves. In team games, it’s not the performance of an individual that matters – the winning team is the one that works best together. To this end, differences have to be overcome, communication has to take place and a collective effort has to be made. The Pedalo "One" team games box includes a whole collection of exciting group games and comes with everything you need (incl. detailed instructions, in German). From nurseries, schools and training sessions in clubs to team-building exercises for managers, the team games are suitable for a wide range of purposes. With activities like plaiting ropes, stacking and transporting barrels or building pipelines, 4–16 participants can display their team spirit. Effective communication, good coordination, assuming responsibility and integrating into a group are all key to success. Thus, the "One" team games box trains important social skills for both your private and professional life.

Items included:
  • Wooden box made of MDF with removable lid, L×W×H: 39.4×44.2×21.5 cm
  • 8 ropes in different colours, 4 m each
  • 6 wooden barrels
  • 4 wooden tracks
  • 2 balls
  • Grippers
  • Wooden ring
  • Instruction booklet (in German)
  • Protected/registered design
Pedalo "One" team games box: promoting team spirit
The "One" team games box comes with exciting team games that present people of all ages with fun challenges. Every individual is asked to get involved and contribute to the solution. Teamwork is essential to succeed.

Exercise examples:
The game "Pipeline" asks players to work together to build a path from individual wooden tracks. The aim is to keep two balls (included) rolling and transport them from A to B. To make the game more difficult, the wooden tracks can be placed onto the ropes creating a wobbly "floating pipeline". Dexterity, concentration, reaction and collaboration are essential here to prevent the ball from falling to the ground. "Building a Tower" is even trickier! Each player uses a rope to control the gripper, a crescent-shaped wooden disc. This game requires a high degree of coordination: only when everyone pulls on their rope to the right extent can the gripper be moved in a targeted manner to build a tower of wooden cylinders and finish it off with a ball on top. These are just two of the tricky and fun group games included in the Pedalo "One" team games box.

Only if everyone works together is it possible to succeed – the ideal box for team building. Don’t miss out and order the Pedalo "One" team games box today.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Contains individual parts that may be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.

Long cord. Danger of strangulation.

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Pedalo "One" Team Games Box

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