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Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel

Get the Rondogo going - and yourself too!

product details
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel
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The “Rondogo” ball carousel is a challnge for ball wizards large and small. Get the ball to rotate inside the ball carousel by making even circular motions and lift it up. Different postures, such as standing on one leg, increase the level of difficulty.
  • Fun for children, teens and adults
  • Principle of the game is easy to grasp
  • Always provides new challenges
  • Promotes stamina, skill and concentration
  • With 3 different balls
Made in Germany

Product description

The “Rondogo” ball carousel – for young and old
You can never get bored with the “Rondogo” ball carousel, because whether you’re a child, teen or adult, you can always increase the level of difficulty. The ball carousel is made up of 1 plastic ring and 3 balls, which differ in terms of their diameter, weight and surface. All of the balls have different running characteristics. A heavy ball is easiest to keep on track, but skill, concentration and stamina are required to do so. If this is too easy, then perhaps stand on one leg and try to keep your balance. In addition, you can also do this whilst increasingly leaning forward. Playing as a team a team also requires coordination with your partner so that the ball does not come flying out of the carousel.

  • 1 “Rondogo” ball carousel
  • 1 red microcellular rubber ball ø 5 cm
  • 1 yellow air-filled ball ø 5 cm
  • 1 green ball ø 6 cm

Product information:
  • Dimensions of the “Rondogo” ball carousel: outside diameter 48 cm, inside diameter 38 cm, with grip handles 56 cm, height 9 cm
  • Includes 3 balls
  • For children aged 5 years upwards, teens and adults
The “Rondogo” ball carousel for play, sports and therapy
Learning the principle of the “Rondogo” ball carousel is easy – but mastering the game requires a great deal of practice. “Rondogo” is a fantastic ball game and also a versatile sports training aid. The ball carousel promotes body tension, stamina and coordination. In addition, crossing the body’s core means that both halves of the brain are exercised and the proprioceptive perception is promoted. As a result, the training device is also suitable for therapeutic use, for example, to help people with motor impairments. Whether at nurseries, schools, sports clubs, inclusion and therapy facilities – the ball carousel is a must-have.

Get your hands on the “Rondogo” ball carousel online now at Sport-Thieme.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Contains individual parts that may be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.

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Jakobs "Rondogo" Ball Carousel

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Tolle Spielidee! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad wird durch die verschiedenen Bälle erhöht. Das Spiel macht Spaß, trainiert die Augen-Hand-Koordination auf spielerische Art und Weise. Das ist ein Stück, das selten unbeachtet bleibt. Der Ring ist sehr stabil und nicht kaputt zu kriegen.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 15 January 2018


Großer Spaßfaktor! Das Ballkarussell kommt sehr gut an und ist auch für 4 jährige schon schaffbar. Großer Spaßfaktor!

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 15 January 2018