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Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool

product details
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool White
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Black
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Blue
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool White White
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Black Black
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Blue Blue
Colour of cover Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool White White W0-623071104 * € 268.90
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 10.08.
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Black Black W0-623071117 * € 268.90
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 03.08.
Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool Blue Blue W0-623071133 * € 268.90
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 10.08.

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  • Star-shaped base with five castors for a secure positioning

Product description

Mayer Functional Swivel Stool "Physio": Mobile and Free to Move
The Mayer "Physio" Functional Swivel Stool boasts a round, comfortable seat with a diameter of 47.5 cm, enveloped in top-quality synthetic leather (top surface: 100% polychloride, bottom side 100% cotton). This stool also offers unparalleled 3D seating comfort: capable of three-dimensional movement, it ensures exceptional back support and comfort during use.

Easy Height Adjustment
Adjusting the height is effortless, thanks to a lever mechanism that allows for variation between 53 and 72.5 cm. Stability and freedom of movement are guaranteed by a star-shaped base on wheels, equipped with five casters designed especially for hard floors, providing secure, unwavering support and flexibility in all directions.

Product Details:
  • Base material: Aluminum
  • Upholstery material: Synthetic leather - top surface: 100% polychloride, bottom side: 100% cotton
  • Base diameter: 52 cm
  • Equipped with 5 casters for hard floors
  • Seat diameter: 47.5 cm
  • Height adjustability: 53-72.5 cm
  • Load capacity: up to 120 kg
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Fitted with a high gas spring

The Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool is an exemplary choice for enhancing mobility and ergonomic comfort in professional settings or therapy environments. Its sophisticated design and flexible features cater to a wide range of seating and posture requirements, making it an ideal asset for dynamic workspaces.

Experience unparalleled ease and comfort with the Mayer "Physio" Swivel Stool, innovatively designed for superior ergonomic support and flexibility. Its robust build and versatile adjustments make it pivotal for bolstering productivity and well-being in any professional or therapeutic setup.

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