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Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller

Two in one

product details
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller
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  • With a cutout in the middle to treat your back
  • The weave of the material stimulates the skin and the tissue
  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for trigger point massage and treating larger areas

Product description

Optimal for Back Massages: The Blackroll "Twin" Fascia Roller

The Blackroll "Twin" Fascia Roller features a unique spinal gap in its center, making it an ideal choice for back massages. This versatile fascia tool is not only perfect for targeted applications but also excels in wide-area massages thanks to its broad contact surfaces. Weighing just 104 g, the roller is crafted from durable EPP material, ensuring longevity and is 100% recyclable. Its premium surface boasts a stylish carbon look, which is not only easy to clean but also water-resistant. Additionally, the twisting of the material in the central bar enhances stimulation of tissue and skin, making it a superior choice for improving flexibility and circulation.

  • Center gap specifically designed for spinal alignment during back massages
  • Suitable for both pinpoint and broad massages
  • Constructed from durable, 100% recyclable EPP
  • Stylish, easy-to-clean carbon-look surface
  • Twisting feature in the central bar for enhanced tissue and skin stimulation

This fascia roller is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their massage routine, offering both functionality and sustainability. Its unique design and premium material stand out, making it a valuable addition to any wellness program.
Myofascial release therapy
Foam rollers are an absolute must-have for any gym, as they are ideal for rolling out any muscular tension in your back and legs, as well as other parallel muscle strands. The application of a foam roller improves blood flow in the tissue, increasing mobility. This prevents injuries and boosts recovery.

For soothing myofascial release and increased performance – order the Blackroll "Twin" foam roller from Sport-Thieme now.

Technical Details

30 cm
13 cm
104 g
Product rating 3

Blackroll "Twin" Foam Roller

4.78 of 5 Stars: Very good

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