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Blackroll: for efficient fascia training

A must-have for functional training nowadays: fascia rollers and balls from the successful Blackroll brand. Improve your workout with a soothing self-massage using a high-quality Blackroll product: here at Sport-Thieme, you’ll find the ideal fascia trainer for you. Order now!


Blackroll – The history of Blackroll began in 2007, when the company was founded by Jürgen Dürr.
In 2009, the brand was awarded first prize for offering the most useful product range. Together with therapists, scientists and doctors, the company develops products that are beneficial to health. In doing so, Blackroll focuses on the quality of each of its products. The products are made in Germany, recyclable, robust, heat-resistant and compliant with DIN ISO 9001:2000. Since the company’s beginnings, Blackroll has expanded from producing only fascia rollers to also offering fascia balls, fascia bars, loop bands and massage equipment for individual triggers.

Blackroll – achieving success with fascia training

The innovative fascia rollers from Blackroll have recently become well established in gyms, clubs and therapy centres. And with good reason – the little rollers make a big impact. Our muscles work best when the tissue surrounding them (the fasciae) is relaxed and supplied with blood. You can envisage the fascia system a bit like a wetsuit that surrounds the muscles. If this system is tense and too narrow, the muscles are restricted and will be slower to regenerate after exercise.

Blackroll fascia rollers for loosened fascial tissue

Self-massaging the connective tissue massages and loosens the fasciae, improving regeneration. Now your workout can really pay off – your muscles can grow and your performance increase only if you have loosened, better functioning fascial tissue. Blackroll offers excellent-quality fascia rollers that can improve your connective tissue. Order from our wide selection of different versions, sizes and degrees of firmness with ease online. Whether you opt for the orange, mini or standard Blackroll, choose the Blackroll fascia roller that’s best for you and improve your fitness and well-being through tailored exercises. Buy a Blackroll: perfect for self-massage Many recreational and professional athletes use products from the popular Blackroll brand to aid regeneration after an intensive workout and prevent injury caused by overuse. Self-massage using a Blackroll fascia roller has a variety of results: it can increase flexibility, improve blood flow, prevent muscle damage, and improve your well-being and fitness level.