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Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube

product details
Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube Height 175 cm, ø 15 cm

10 switching programmes

Sizes Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube Height 175 cm, ø 15 cm Height 175 cm, ø 15 cm W0-621711354 * € 1217.65
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 14.06.
Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube Height 200cm, ø 15 cm Height 200cm, ø 15 cm W0-621711367 * € 1234.45
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 14.06.
Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube Height 175 cm, ø 20 cm Height 175 cm, ø 20 cm W0-621711370 * € 1251.26
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 14.06.
Sport-Thieme Bubble Tube Height 200 cm, ø 20 cm Height 200 cm, ø 20 cm W0-621711383 * € 1259.66
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 14.06.

Sport-Thieme® switchable bubble pillar
  • Fitted version for padded platforms
  • Individually adjustable
  • Safety landing
  • 10 programmable levels
Exklusiv bei Sport-Thieme Snoezelen TouchControl

Product description

Specially developed for use in therapy
The Sport-Thieme bubble pillar offers a wide range of possible sues. Using the specially designed control box you can adjust the speed at which the colour changes or simply stop on the desired colour. The size and number of the air bubbles in the pillars can be selected with 10 different programmes to suit the individual needs of the user. The time between the chosen sequences can also be adjusted.

Technical information:
  • Diameter: approx. 15 or 20 cm
  • Height: 175/200 cm
  • Mains power supply
  • Safety voltage of 12 V

The Sport-Thieme bubble pillar for various uses
To ensure as wide a range of uses as possible, the control box contains a 150-cm-long cable. The switchable bubble pillars are supplied without collars as a fitted version for padded bases. The bubble pillar can be retrofitted with a radio receiver module 1721919 that is suitable for use with Sport-Thieme remote controlled operation.
Bubble pillars

Moving water is captivating and fascinating. The blue, green, yellow and red light reflects in the air bubbles, creating a magical play of colours. Bubble pillars meet many needs for all sorts of different uses: for playing with, to stimulate the senses or simply for looking at and relaxing. The noise of the bubbling water is nice to listen to and the slight vibrations can be felt. Annoying pumping noises, on the other hand, are kept to a minimum. The colour changing can be stopped if necessary and the strength of the air bubbles can be adjusted. As a crucial component in Snoezelen® rooms, bubble pillars are a popular starting point for looking at, feeling and investigating. They are a centrepiece and key piece of decor in living rooms.

Tip for use

Set up your bubble pillars in the corner of a room and place a mirror behind it to reflect the visual effect that the individual pillars create. Combining bubble pillars, mirrors and a padded platform creates a central, comfortable, relaxing place that is perfect for dreaming in.
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