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Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game

Requires teamwork and coordination

product details
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game

Very hard wearing and washable

Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
Spordas "Activi-T-Blanket" Cooperation Game
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Fun for all ages! The Activi-T blanket is great for games requiring cooperation and coordination, competitions in schools and sports events or team-building activities. Only good coordination will get you to the finish!
  • The ideal team blanket for cooperation and coordination games
  • Coordinated pushing or shuffling along
  • Ideal for competition games

Product description

The Activi-T blanket for exciting team games
The Activi-T blanket has 6 pairs of foot loops positioned horizontally and 5 pairs of foot loops positioned vertically. Moving on the blanket in a group requires coordination with and consideration of the other members of the group. Moving from one point to another requires coordinated pushing or shuffling along. The difficulty is increased when the "shuffler" changes direction. The easy-to-clean blanket is very hard wearing and robust. It can be washed easily. After use, simply fold it up and store it compactly.

Product information:
  • Made from 90% nylon and 10% polyester
  • LxW: 213x92 cm
  • Black
  • Incl. game instructions
The versatile Activi-T blanket for nurseries, schools and therapy, and even team-building at work
The Activi-T blanket is guaranteed to attract people on the grass or floor of the sports hall at any children's, school or sports event. Adds an exciting element to exercise courses to promote balance, motor skills and coordination as well as a team spirit when several teams are racing round the course. Playing in a team is crucial here. The blanket has foot loops making it ideal for team-building activities and team events. The individual participants get to know the strengths and skills of the other team members and the team can improve together. The blanket is great for group games such as trust exercises during therapy which require the members of the group to engage with each other or rely on each other.

Get your Activi-T blanket online at Sport-Thieme.

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