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Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box

From scribbling to writing

product details
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" Box
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The Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" box prepares users for transitioning to paper through practising drawing sweeping lines, as well as designing and building tracks.
  • Designing and building guidelines
  • Swinging exercises
  • Perfects your spatial-constructive skills
  • Case 65x44x9 cm, 200 items

Product description

The Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" box: on the path to learning to write
The special design of the pieces allows all common lines and sweeping movements with their essential features to be created. Copying the shapes lets you perfect the style and prepares you for transferring the shape onto paper.
Copying the lines and sweeping exercises strengthen your spatial-constructive skills.
Your child will gain basic skills for the process of learning to write.

Main focus areas:
  • Spatial-constructive functions
  • Motion planning
  • Ocular motor function
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Pen holding
  • Targeted strokes
  • Fluency of movement
  • Forearm strokes

Product information:
  • Box: 65x44x9 cm
  • 200 pieces
  • Base board not included
Various example exercises for the Pertra "Graphomotor Skills" box:

Exercise 1 "Mirror image":
Straight and curved lines are the basic elements used to create graphical symbols. By combining them, lots of complex shapes can be created (including letters). In this exercise, the child has to create a mirror image of the pre-made shape using straight lines.

Exercise 2 "Line management":
Based on their experience with straight and curved lines, the child now has to construct lines using a combination of curves and straight sections. Using the pieces provided, the child has to construct a continuous line. This exercise allows the child to gain spatial experience of using straight and curved lines.

Exercise 3 "Trace":
To start off with, the child has to follow the milled route using little figures, cars or balls. In the next stage, the inserts are covered with the sheet of acrylic glass. The child now has to use the magnetic pen to guide the steel ball along the track. If they leave the line, they lose control over the steel ball.

Exercise 4 "Transfer":
In addition to the base board grid, a sheet of paper from the Pertra pad is placed on the board. The pieces are then placed on the board with the milled side facing upwards to create a route. The child then follows this same route with the figure (Pertra meeple). Finally, the child has to transfer the route onto the inserted sheet of paper using a pen.

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