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Make the wood resonate

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Claves made of hardwood for use in music-based childhood education and for promoting rhythm, attention, active listening, memory and sequence recognition, and much more.
  • Varnished beech, with very good tone resonance
  • Length approx. 15 cm, ø 15 mm

Product description

Beech varnished with very good tone resonance. Length approx. 15 cm, ø 15mm.
How do claves make a sound?
To get a perfect note from the two claves, loosely hit one stick against the other. One of the claves should be held relatively firmly in a curved hand, whilst the other is used to strike it from above. Adjusting the tempo, volume and rhythm adds variety and fun to playing. Claves are perfect for playing in groups.

Did you know...?
Claves are one of the most popular percussion instruments in nurseries, schools, etc. They originally come from Africa, where people had repurposed wooden ship nails for use as percussion instruments. Today claves are a must-have for use in childhood education and music lessons.

Captivate young and old, and order these great wooden claves for your next music session in nurseries, schools or clubs: we always supply claves as a pair, so there are 2 in a set.

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Zeer duidelijk hoorbare klankhoutjes. De houtjes liggen zeer goed in de hand en maken een zeer hoorbaar geluid. Zelfs in moeilijke akoestische omstandigheden lukt dit nog. Prima.

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Bought on: 30 July 2018


Für mich als Neurophysiologe, der sich mit Entwicklung und Förderung der Intelligenz beschäftigt, sind die Klanghölzer ein hervorragendes "Spielzeug", das div. Intelligenzfaktoren nicht nur bei Kinder fördert. Mit besten Grüßen H.J.H. Ertel

Bought on: 1 December 2006