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"USA" Basketball Unit

The robust complete unit

product details
"USA" Basketball Unit

120-cm overhang
Official competition hoop height

Weatherproof: post made from galvanised steel tubing ø 114x4 mm

Powder-coated steel backboard 135x90 cm

"USA" Basketball Unit
"USA" Basketball Unit
"USA" Basketball Unit
"USA" Basketball Unit
"USA" Basketball Unit
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W0-621170610 * € 1091.60
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The “USA” basketball unit is a fixed single-post unit supplied complete with backboard, hoop, net and ground socket.
  • Strong single-post construction
  • Official competition hoop height of 305 cm
  • Weatherproof: vertical post made from galvanised steel tubing, ø 114x4 mm
  • 120-cm overhang
  • Powder-coated steel backboard 135x90 cm
5 Jahre Garantie

Product description

“USA” basketball unit – always at competition level
The hoop of the fixed “USA” basketball unit is at competition height (3.05 m). The steel backboard withstands even heavy strain. Powder coating protects it from corrosion.

Set includes:
  • 1 x post
  • 1 x basketball backboard
  • 1 x basketball hoop
  • 1 x basketball net
  • 1 x ground socket

Product information:
  • Post made from galvanised steel tubing ø 114x4 mm
  • Overhang 120 cm
  • Powder-coated steel backboard
  • Board size (WxH): 135x90 cm
  • Solid steel hoop, drilling distance of retaining plate approx. 110x90 cm
  • Hoop height 3.05 m – official competition height
  • Nylon, white basketball net with 12 eyelets
  • Includes ground socket, approx. ø 114 mm
  • Weight: approx. 153 kg
  • Will support up to approx. 320 kg
The ideal unit for an introduction into the exciting world of basketball. It is particularly hardy and comes with a ground socket. Get playing in no time – the “USA” basketball unit.
What is the official competition height of a basketball hoop? The stipulated hoop height (upper edge of ring) is 3.05 m.

How big is a basketball court? The official FIBA-approved court size is 26-28 m long and 14-15 m wide. The centre circle and the circles around the free-throw line have a diameter of 3.60 m. The free-throw line is 5.8 m from the end lines and 4.6 m from the edge of the board. The three-point line is 6.25 m and, as of 2010, even 6.75 m away from the middle of the hoop.

Good to know about wheelchair basketball:
Wheelchair basketball is a sport for people with disabilities and a sport that features in the Paralympics. It is played by 2 teams of 5 players. The object is for each team to get the ball into the hoop on the other side whilst preventing the opposing team from scoring baskets. The court is the same as a standard basketball court and the hoop height is also 3.05 m.

This basketball unit is perfect for wheelchair basketball.

Technical Details

Max. Ausladung
1.20 m
12-point mesh eyelets
Basketball board, Basketball hoop, Basketball net, Basketball stand
Area of use
Public areas
Fixed system
Board dimensions
135x90 cm
Hoop height
100-305 cm
153 kg
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