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Height-Adjustable Korfball Pole

With quick and effortless height adjustment feature

product details
Height-Adjustable Korfball Pole
Height-Adjustable Korfball Pole
Height-Adjustable Korfball Pole
Height-Adjustable Korfball Pole
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  • Height-adjustable, therefore suitable for different user groups
  • Can be adjusted to any height between 230 & 350 cm
  • Incl. basket, line fixtures and scale (cm)
Made in EU

Product description

Introducing the adjustable Korfball stand, a versatile and essential equipment piece for korfball enthusiasts and teams of all ages. Designed with flexibility in mind, this stand can be easily adjusted in height, making it perfect for individual training sessions or matches across various age groups. The seamless adjustment is facilitated by a mark-free plastic pole, allowing the plastic basket to be smoothly moved to the desired height. An integrated measuring strip with a centimeter scale ensures precise height selection. Stability is a key feature of this stand, with its extra-wide, stable base providing optimal support during lively korfball games. Additionally, this multifunctional piece of equipment can be quickly transformed into a high jump stand, adding further value to your sporting assets.

Technical Details:
  • Stand and line holder material: Anodized aluminum
  • Basket material: Plastic
  • Stand size: Adjustable from 230-350 cm
  • Basket dimensions: ø 70 cm
  • Line holder height: Up to 190 cm
  • Total weight: Approx. 35 kg

By offering adjustable heights and a solid, stable base, this korfball stand is an indispensable asset for players and coaches aiming to enhance their game. The ability to convert it into a high jump stand only underscores its versatility and practicality in sporting environments.

Ideal for schools, sports clubs, and recreational centers, the adjustable korfball stand is not only a testament to innovation in sports equipment but also a commitment to fostering team spirit and physical fitness. Its robust construction and adaptable features make it a standout choice for korfball and athletics training.
Are you looking for korfball equipment suitable for different age groups? Then this height-adjustable korfball pole is for you. Order it now.

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