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Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards

product details
Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards XXXS
Size Price ( Pair ) Delivery date Quantity ( Pair )
Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards XXXS XXXS W0-623361030 * € 16.80
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 19.06.
Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards XXS XXS W0-623361027 * € 16.80
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 19.06.
Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards XS XS W0-623361014 * € 16.80
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 19.06.
Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards S S W0-623361001 * € 16.80
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 19.06.

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Product description

Malik "Kiddy Light" Shin Guards: Comfortable, Customizable, Effective

The "Kiddy Light" shin guards from Malik are designed specifically for young hockey players, incorporating a sturdy plastic shell that offers robust protection during play. They feature flexible ankle protection and soft internal padding, ensuring high levels of comfort for the wearer. The inclusion of two Velcro straps guarantees a secure fit that remains in place regardless of calf size, eliminating the risk of slippage. Additionally, their lightweight design does not hinder the mobility of budding hockey players, allowing them to move freely and confidently on the field. Athletes can conveniently slide the Malik "Kiddy Light" shin guards under their hockey socks without the need to remove their shoes, facilitating swift substitutions and uninterrupted play.

Recommended Body Heights:
  • XXXS: 80–98 cm
  • XXS: 98–116 cm
  • XS: 116–134 cm
  • S: 134–152 cm

Product Details:
  • Shell Material: Thermoplastic Polypropylene
  • Padding Material: EVA Foam
  • Weight (XXXS): Approx. 105 g
  • Weight (XXS): Approx. 120 g
  • Weight (XS): Approx. 145 g
  • Weight (S): Approx. 160 g
  • Available in assorted colors

For young athletes who demand both protection and performance, the Malik "Kiddy Light" shin guards offer an optimal combination of comfort, fit, and lightweight design. These shin guards are essential for any young hockey enthusiast looking for reliable and effective lower leg protection.

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