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Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins

product details
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 37-38
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 37-38
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 37-38 Size 37-38
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 37-38
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Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 37-38 Size 37-38 W0-623297403 * € 42.01
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 21.05.
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 39-40 Size 39-40 W0-623297416 * € 42.01
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 21.05.
Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins Size 41-42 Size 41-42 W0-623297429 * € 42.01
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 21.05.

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  • Light training fins with short blades
  • Perfect for use in swimming lessons
  • Extremely comfortable which allows for longer training sessions

Product description

The Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins - Ideal for Swim Training in Clubs and Schools

The Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins are perfect for fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers, and swimming lessons alike. Made from soft, PVC-free silicone, they ensure the highest level of comfort while providing excellent power transfer, even during extended training sessions. These fins are designed to enhance the correct kicking technique, leading to powerful propulsion. The short blade increases stroke frequency and ensures perfect push-offs at turns. Moreover, the kicking motion remains similar to the actual swimming stroke, making the training effect more directly applicable. This facilitates the achievement of new training goals more swiftly. Enhanced leg thrust results in higher swimming speeds. The right technique and training regimen secured with these fins ensure a decisive edge in competition when it matters most.

  • Made from soft, PVC-free silicone for maximum comfort
  • Designed to improve kicking technique and power
  • Short fin blade increases stroke frequency and ensures perfect turns
  • Kicking motion is similar to actual swimming, enhancing training effectiveness
  • Helps achieve training goals faster and increase swimming speed

These Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins are a must-have for any swim training program, ensuring swimmers of all levels can enhance their technique and speed efficiently. With their focus on comfort, technique improvement, and effective training, these fins are perfectly suited for clubs and schools looking to get an edge in the water.

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Arena "Powerfin" Short Fins

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