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Diving masks for children and adults

It’s a piece of basic equipment, the so-called ABC equipment of every diver: the diving mask. Soft rubber or silicone protects against water leaking into the diving mask. Beginners, leisurely divers or professionals: find your diving mask at Sport-Thieme!

Finding the right diving mask: the agony of choice
Buying exactly the right diving mask is certainly not easy. This is how you can carry out a quick and easy test to see if a particular mask is the right one for you: place the diving mask onto your face and breathe in gently through your nose. The mask should remain on your face. Make sure that the mask strap isn’t too tight-fitting, otherwise the mask can lose shape. Important: above all, the diving mask must sit comfortably and securely. Because the design and fit of masks differ, it is important not to forego this quick test.

Wide range from Sport-Thieme
A diving mask is different from swimming goggles. Goggles protect your eyes against chlorinated water, for example. In contrast to a diving mask, swimming goggles come with smaller lenses and do not have a nose pocket. Diving masks guarantee that you can see clearly under the water. Find diving masks and other accessories, such as snorkels, fins and much more at Sport-Thieme.