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Beleduc "Net Ball" Set

product details
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
Beleduc "Net Ball" Set
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Beleduc "Net Ball" set: these two ‘ball trampolines’ can be used for a wide range of fun games. You can even play on your own – but keeping the ball in the air for as long as possible will require some skill!
  • Can be used indoors and out
  • Soft handholds and balls
  • Incl. 3 balls

Product description

Beleduc "Net Ball" set: ‘ball trampolines’ for indoor and outdoor use
The Beleduc "Net Ball" set is made up of 2 ball trampolines and 3 foam balls. The two ball trampolines are each made of a round, reinforced foam ring with a rectangular mesh net attached to it. The net exhibits low bounce. The game can therefore be played inside and out.

Product information
  • Material, ball trampoline: foam
  • Material, net: mesh fabric
  • Ball trampoline diameter: approx. 30 cm
  • Size of net (L×W): approx. 20×20 cm
  • Incl. 3 foam balls (ø 6 cm)
  • Incl. mesh carrying bag (L×W×H: 31×34×4 cm)
Beleduc "Net Ball" set: for fun return-the-ball games
Beleduc "Net Ball" is an excellent set to introduce children to the exciting world of return-the-ball games. The ‘ball trampolines’ exhibit low bounce, making them ideal for children to explore how much strength is needed to pass a ball, and to develop a feel for the ball – two important prerequisites for any other racquet game. "Net Ball" is a lot of fun and the set will certainly not be left unused.

Whether used to add variety to your sports classes or for some fun in the playground – these novel ball trampolines will have everyone wanting to join in. Order the Beleduc "Net Ball" set from Sport-Thieme today.

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Beleduc "Net Ball" Set

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Bought on: 20 November 2019