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product details
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm


Draughts Large, ø 250 mm
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm Large, ø 250 mm
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm
Version Price ( Set ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set )
Draughts Small, ø 105 mm Small, ø 105 mm W0-621368316 * € 50.38
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 20.09.
Draughts Large, ø 250 mm Large, ø 250 mm W0-621368303 * € 151.22
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 20.09.

The weatherproof draughts are ideal for outdoor use in schools, leisure facilities and facilities for older people. The strategic game for young and old alike.
  • Made from waterproof plastic
  • Ideal for use outdoors
  • 12 black and 12 white draughts
  • Available in 2 different versions

Product description

Draughts: the ideal outdoor game
Whether in the school playground, hotels or facilities for older people. The pieces are made from strong plastic, making them waterproof and unbreakable. These waterproof outdoor draughts can also withstand stormy weather.

Product information:
"Small" version:
  • ø 105 mm
  • Height: 45 mm

"Large" version:
  • ø 250 mm
  • Height: 85 mm

Each version incl. 6 draughts sticks.
Improve your concentration with draughts
The strategic mental game for all ages: be it school children, adults or older people. Children who play draughts in the playground improve their logical thinking and concentration. Playing improves spatial thinking as well as the ability to plan and think ahead. In team competitions, children learn team spirit and how to handle defeat. These are particularly great skills because they can be transferred to everyday situations. Regular play not only helps children to concentrate better, but also helps older people too. A study from the USA has shown that playing draughts reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and keeps your brain healthy.

Draughts from Sport-Thieme – outdoor fun for young and old.

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Passt genau ! Sehr robust und durchdacht für den Außeneinsatz. Gut stapelbar mit dem mitgelieferten Zubehör. Reiner W. aus K.

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Bought on: 20 December 2019