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Large Juggling Set

Juggling fun for schools and clubs

product details
Large Juggling Set
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The set consists of 

This large juggling set will allow children and teenagers to learn various juggling skills. The set is designed for a class of 30 pupils.
  • Juggling set for schools and clubs
  • A perfect set to learn various juggling skills
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced jugglers alike

Product description

Giant juggling set: ideal for classes
The giant juggling set offers children and young people an introduction to the world of juggling. Whether at school or at the sports club, this set will allow young performers to try out various juggling techniques. The set includes 2 Qu-Ax "Luxury" outdoor unicycles, 8 devil sticks, 24 juggling rings with a diameter of 33 cm, 8 large diabolos, 60 juggling scarves (65×65 cm), 12 neon juggling clubs and 60 "Original" beanbags. Juggling promotes coordination skills and dexterity. Once confident enough, why not make it more challenging by juggling with clubs, juggling rings or beanbags on a unicycle?
A giant juggling set: perfect for gaining confidence
This giant juggling set contains an excellent selection of juggling equipment. Who doesn't admire the artists in the circus or on TV when they effortlessly whirl clubs, juggling rings or beanbags through the air? And what child doesn't dream of becoming a skilled juggler? You won't have to ask twice – juggling equipment appeals to any child and young adult, and they will want to join in the fun. A children’s circus is a great incentive for children with a motor skills disorder, for example, allowing them to have a go and improve their skills in a fun way. Furthermore, when the children showcase their skills and get applauded, they'll gain self-confidence.

Don’t miss out and order the giant juggling set from Sport-Thieme now.

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