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Acrobatics & Balance

Acrobatics shop: everything you need for a children’s circus and much more

You can get everything that little circus artists need to make it big in Sport-Thieme’s acrobatics shop. Unicycles, acrobatic ladders or various pieces of balance equipment: we have the right performance accessories for schools, a children’s circus and sports acrobatics.

Acrobatics in a children’s circus
Artistry and acrobatics are not just sporty challenges for children, they also get kids excited because there is something magic about them: become a circus artist yourself and feel like a star in the circus ring! Even sports grumps suddenly develop ambition and are motivated to practise. At the same time, acrobatics in school has another aim: children train their social skills by practising tricks and stunts together. The young artists automatically learn how important it is to agree with others, trust one another and to be considerate of others. You will find all the right equipment you need to get started immediately in Sport-Thieme’s acrobatics shop.

Performance accessories for school and leisure
Different types of balance equipment are popular accessories for acrobatics at school or in a children’s circus. Young artists can train their sense of balance on stilts and balance balls. You will find stilts in various sizes and designs in Sport-Thieme’s acrobatics shop. The acrobatic ladders are great for group stunts. Unicycles are a real attraction-grabber for old and young hobby circus artists alike. Is this making you curious? Why not browse our online acrobatics shop!