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Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game

product details
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S
Size Price ( Set ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set )
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game S S W0-622978909 * € 319.32
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 04.03.
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game M M W0-622978912 * € 319.32
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 04.03.
Spordas "Bumball" Throwing Game L L W0-622978925 * € 319.32
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 04.03.

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  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Incl. practical storage bag

Product description

Introducing the Spordas Bumball Game: a fresh and thrilling team-based activity that promises to bring a new level of excitement to your sporting events or physical education programs. This innovative game includes 12 Velcro vests, split evenly with six in bold blue and six in vibrant red, two Velcro balls designed for the game, and a convenient carry bag for easy transportation and storage. The essence of Bumball lies in its unique gameplay where two teams compete against each other, passing the ball back and forth. The twist is that players can only catch the ball using the Velcro patches on either the chest or the backside of their vests. A player scores a point by catching the ball in a designated target area, marked on the ground. It's a dynamic game that not only encourages teamwork but also enhances coordination and agility among participants. The team with the highest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Product Features:
  • 12 Velcro vests made from 100% polyester, in two team colors: 6 red and 6 blue
  • 2 game balls, also crafted from 100% polyester, with a diameter of 17 cm and a weight of 200 g
  • Includes a handy carrying bag for easy transport and storage

Available Sizes:
  • Size S: Height x Width: 55 x 40 cm
  • Size M: Height x Width: 66 x 45 cm
  • Size L: Height x Width: 70 x 54 cm

The Spordas Bumball Game is an exceptional choice for those looking to inject some innovative, active fun into their sports curriculum or event. Its unique game mechanics foster teamwork and physical dexterity in an engaging and competitive format. With durable, high-quality materials and a practical design, this game is set to be a favorite among educators, coaches, and sports enthusiasts alike.

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