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Kettlebells – train a wide range of muscle groups

Kettlebells are a must-have for fitness workouts – besides arms and shoulders, you can use them to give almost all of the upper body muscles a workout. Besides strength, they train flexibility, coordination and endurance. This piece of training equipment is therefore a real all-rounder. Get kettlebells from Sport-Thieme in a variety of weights: you can adapt to perfectly suit your level of ability. Whether you’re looking for powder-coated, rubber-coated or a traditional cast-iron weight – browse online and discover a wide selection now!

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  • Ideal for intensive full-body workouts
  • High quality and extremely robust
  • Perfect grip for training
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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What different types of kettlebells are there?

Kettlebells are usually divided into those with a fixed weight and those with a variable weight that can be changed according to your level of ability. These variable kettlebells offer several advantages, but also have considerable disadvantages in comparison to traditional kettlebells. This is because with every increase in weight, the centre of mass is also always shifted. This means it is extremely difficult for beginners to learn a perfect technique.

Kettlebells with a fixed weight predominantly differ by their size. The diameter of many kettlebells increases the heavier they are. The exceptions are competition kettlebells, which are always the same size. They differ only in appearance due to a particular colour – on the handle of our professional kettlebells for example.

Another difference is whether the kettlebells can only be used indoors or can be used outdoors as well. You can conveniently use all of our kettlebells in the gym or at home. The e-coating process has been used for our powder-coated kettlebells. The electrochemically applied layer makes the kettlebell particularly hard-wearing so you can also exercise with it outdoors.

What do you need to consider when buying a kettlebell? Guidance for beginners and advanced users!

The handle: the kettlebell handle is one of the most important parts of a kettlebell. You should therefore look a little more closely at handle width, thickness and quality. There are generally smooth handles or rough handles that offer better grip. Anyone who regularly trains without kettlebell gloves will notice that rough handles will quickly irritate their hands. In terms of handle size and thickness, the kettlebell should be able to sit comfortably in your hand and enable a two-handed grip when necessary.

Rubberised kettlebell: a coated kettlebell offers the advantage that you can put it down quietly and without damaging the floor. This is ideal for beginners because they may not have quite mastered the sequences of movements during kettlebell workouts and putting down a kettlebell harshly would then not be punished with a dent in the floor.

Cast-iron kettlebells offer not just one but two considerable advantages that make individual workouts easier. For one, cast-iron kettlebells are balanced more precisely. This is kind to the joints during some exercises and offers more training fun in the long term. For another, there is no danger of the weight coming loose from the handle, as can definitely happen with welded kettlebells.

There are numerous ways that the surface of a kettlebell and its handle can be conditioned. Kettlebells are usually divided into those that are polished and lacquered kettlebells, lacquered with a hammered look as well as kettlebells with an e-coating. Polished and lacquered kettlebells are most common. Kettlebells with a hammered look are becoming more and more popular with our customers because, besides their appearance, the textured surface provides a comfortable grip during workouts. Anyone who would like to train indoors and outdoors should use a kettlebell that has an e-coating i.e. is powder-coated. With this surface treatment, the protective layer is electrochemically applied – thus providing a particularly hard-wearing and especially long-lasting textured surface.

What are the best exercises for an intensive kettlebell workout?

Kettlebells allow everyone to train a variety of muscles and muscle groups both effectively and intensively. To make kettlebell workouts as intensive but also as varied as possible, there are different exercises with various difficulty levels.

The most well known is probably the popular kettlebell swing, which is already one of the classics in kettlebell workouts. During this exercise, strength comes from the hips whilst the back remains straight and the abdomen tensed. The swing is a basic exercise that trains the abdomen, legs, bottom and back, and helps to gradually build up functional strength. Just like with every kettlebell exercise, the secret is a perfect technique. This alone can prevent injuries to muscles, tendons and bones.

When it comes to exercises, the sky’s the limit! Whether traditional squats, cleans, presses, Turkish get-ups or even classic deadlifts, these basic exercises for kettlebell workouts must be performed perfectly before more technically challenging workouts are possible and reasonable.

Sport-Thieme Kettlebell

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