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Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb

Promotes strength and coordination

product details
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
Sport-Thieme TuWa Chimney Climb
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The Sport-Thieme chimney climb is a single gymnastics wall element and can be attached to a wall.
  • Suitable for Sport-Thieme wall bar combinations
  • Can be expanded by adding further wall bar elements as you wish

Product description

Sport-Thieme chimney climb: motivates to climb
The Sport-Thieme chimney climb is a single element for attaching to a wall. The frame is made from beech and the panels are made from birch plywood. 9 climbing holds are fixed to the frame, so that children can climb up and down. The user supports themselves by using their hands and feet on the left-hand and right-hand side holds. Children can then scramble up the chimney climb quickly.

Product information:
  • Single gymnastics wall element
  • Dimensions (WxH): 100x230 cm
  • Can hold up to 90 kg
Ideal for children's gymnastics and therapy
The Sport-Thieme chimney climb is ideally suited to children above 3 years old. Strength as well as coordination are promoted when climbing. Climbing also increases self-confidence in children: who couldn't be proud when they manage to make it to the top?

Required mounting accessories
To mount an individual element onto a wall you need a suitable assembly set. To achieve a distance from the wall of 6-8 cm, you require the short assembly set. To be able to climb the wall from both sides you will need a distance from the wall of approximately 40 cm. For this we recommend the long assembly set. If you would like to position multiple elements next to each other, you can use a pivoting mechanism for the outer elements, allowing them to rotate 90° into the room.

For more joy in movement – the Sport-Thieme chimney climb.

Technical Details

Wall bar designs
Single unit
Nurseries, Therapy use
Age recommendation
from 3 years
Birch multiplex wood
230x100 cm
approx. 35 kg
Wooden natural

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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