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PE-Redskaber "Softtop" Landing Mat

product details
PE-Redskaber "Softtop" Landing Mat
LxWxH Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
PE-Redskaber "Softtop" Landing Mat 300x200x25 cm 300x200x25 cm W0-623374913 * € 1536.97
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 08.06.

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  • With a non-slip underside
Made in EU

Product description

PE-Redskaber Landing Mat "Softtop": Versatile Usage for All Ages

The PE-Redskaber Landing Mat "Softtop" offers athletes the sensation of landing in an exceptionally soft pit, making every landing feel safer and more comfortable. The stretchable soft cover and the anti-slip material on the bottom ensure stability and durability during use. Furthermore, the soft cover boasts an OEKO-TEX certification, highlighting its quality and safety standards. The 300x200 cm variant is particularly suitable for children practicing new jumps, providing them with the ideal foundation to land safely. For older users, including teenagers and adults, it's recommended to use a crash mat or an AirTrack beneath the "Softtop" Landing Mat for enhanced safety and performance.

  • Stretchable soft cover with OEKO-TEX certification ensures safety and comfort.
  • Anti-slip material on the bottom provides stability during use.
  • The 300x200 cm variant is optimized for children's use, while older users are advised to add additional support beneath.
  • Velcro on the underside is exclusive to the 200x125x25 cm version, due to the sufficient self-weight of the larger sizes, 300x200x25 cm and 400x200x25 cm, eliminating the need for extra securing.

This PE-Redskaber "Softtop" Landing Mat is the perfect addition to any athletic training or educational fitness program, offering unparalleled safety and comfort across a wide range of activities and age groups. Ensure a secure and comfortable landing space with this top-tier landing mat, designed with user well-being and performance in mind.

Technical Details

Area of use
Club, Indoor, Nurseries, Schools
Material core
PU flexible foam
Replaceable cover

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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