Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars

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Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars
Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars
Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars
Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars
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FIG certified. Extremely stable steel tube base frame (LxW: 250x166.5 cm) with non staining floor protectors. The width between the bars is adjustable from 130-180 cm. The height of the lower bar is adjustable in 5 cm increments from 170-180 cm and the upper bar is adjustable from 250-260 cm. The fibreglass reinforced bars provide the optimal swinging support for gymnastics. Includes asymmetric steel guy ropes. In training, this can be used to remove the lower bar. The width of the bars can also be individually adjusted without dismantling the main tensioning.This is time saving during training and competitions.

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Bänfer® ''Exclusive'' Asymmetric Bars

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