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Flexi-Bar Club Set

Ideal for group training

product details
Flexi-Bar Club Set
Flexi-Bar Club Set
Flexi-Bar Club Set
Flexi-Bar Club Set
Flexi-Bar Club Set
Flexi-Bar Club Set
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W0-622125565 * € 839.50
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 15.11.

The Flexi-Bar club set is the ideal training set for every fitness level thanks to its different levels of difficulty.
  • Develops stamina, coordination, movement and posture
  • Under supervision, this can be used as a therapy aid to treat back and joint injuries

Product description

The Flexi-Bar club set – for different training zones
The Flexi-Bar club set consists of different Flexi-Bars and training DVDs. The Flexi-Bar combines coordination training, endurance training, movement stability and posture stabilisation. This set is also ideal for use in therapy. Under supervision, you can treat back and joint injuries. A carrying bag is included so that the Flexi-Bar can be compactly stored.

Product information:

"Sport" Flexi-Bar
  • Length: 153.5 cm
  • Weight: 508 g

"Intensive" Flexi-Bar
  • Length: 153.5 cm
  • Weight: 516 g

The club set consists of:
  • 13x "Sport" Flexi-Bars
  • 2x "Intensive" Flexi-Bars
  • 3 training DVDs (wellness, toning & back)
  • Carrying bag for 15 Flexi-Bars

DVD, PAL approx. 24 min.
A masterclass from Barbara Klein with elements from Yoga, Pilates and classic back care exercises perfectly adjusted for use with the FLEXI-BAR.

DVD, PAL approx. 33 min.
In this masterclass, Holger Fuchs and Esther Napierski demonstrate how classic toning can be made significantly more effective using the FLEXI-BAR.

DVD, PAL, approx. 45 min.
Preventative or therapeutic exercises – some of which are conducted while sitting – with an explanation of the effects. A high-quality product based on up-to-date German medical know-how, physiotherapy and sports science.

Order quickly and easily from Sport-Thieme's website – the Flexi-Bar club set.


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Flexi-Bar Club Set

4.67 of 5 Stars: Very good

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Productratings from our shops:


Alles bestens Schnelle Lieferung. Das Vereins-Set ist hervorragend zu transportieren, dank der großen Tasche. Das Set entspricht voll unseren Erwartungen. Gut sind die beigefügten Traininspläne.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 20 March 2015


Die Ware wurde wieder schnell geliefert und entsprach unseren Erwartungen. Es macht Spaß, mit ihnen zu trainieren, und die Flexibar läßt sich Dank der Tasche gut transportieren.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 11 May 2012


Alles bestens Wie immer bei Thieme super schnelle Lieferung nach Bestellung. Produkt kann optimal bei uns in der Reha eingesetzt weden.

Bought on: 24 February 2012