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Steppers: give it all you’ve got with this piece of fitness equipment

Steppers kick start your circulation and are the perfect fitness products for abs, legs and bottom. Train flexibly with a stepper at home or use the stepper in the gym. Steppers incidentally are the predecessor of the cross trainer and pursue very similar targets in fitness. At Sport-Thieme.com you can discover a large range of steppers! Take advantage of our range and order today.

Reebok Core Board »

You're guaranteed a good work-out with the "Core Board"!
  • 3-dimensional, moveable surface
  • Exercises balance, mobility and strength
  • Two adjustable degrees of stability
  • Turning movements allow for varied training
Each € 209.24

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Steppers: pure fitness!
Steppers are available in all kinds of designs. They simulate climbing stairs and thereby train the legs (including calves) and bottom. Did you know, that steppers are the predecessor to the popular cross trainer? The cross trainer simply takes your harmonious sequence of motion a step further. A classic stepper is perfectly suited for a workout at home, as it is often more compact. In our shop you can select from a variety of steppers and steps: aerobics steps, larger steppers, side steppers, mini steppers and those made by big sport brands.

step workout is efficient training.
Working out using a stepper or steps doesn’t just train muscle groups, it also steadily burns off calories. Order today and start your step workout tomorrow!