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Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" Fitness Hoop

A hoop with massage effect

product details
Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" Fitness Hoop 1.8 kg, Grey/blue
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Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" Fitness Hoop 1.8 kg, Grey/blue 1.8 kg, Grey/blue W0-623177424 * € 25.17
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 19.01.

The Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" fitness hoop can be taken apart into 6 individual pieces for compact storage and effortless transportation. Thanks to its precision snap locks, taking it apart and putting it back together is quick and easy.
  • Effective training for back, core, stomach and waist
  • Wave-shaped nubs on the inner curve have a massage effect, promoting recovery and blood circulation

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" fitness hoop: a mobile core and cardiovascular trainer
The Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" fitness hoop is an excellent prop for a varied, fun and effective workout of your core. But that's not it, the hoop is also an excellent tool to improve your mobility and cardiovascular fitness. A fitness hoop workout will be particularly beneficial after long periods of sedentary work, as it will prevent the connective tissues from sticking together. You won't need to work out for long, a few minutes are enough, as the circular hip movements are very demanding – perfect for people with busy lifestyles.

Product information
  • Material (outer): nitrile rubber (NBR)
  • Material (inner): PP
  • Diameter: 100 cm
  • Hoop thickness: 3.5 cm
Are you looking for a mobile training prop for a challenging and varied workout in between? Then order the Sport-Thieme "Power Wave" fitness hoop now.

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