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Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack

Particularly luminous in ultraviolet light

product details
Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack L

-With highly elasticated hems


Sizes Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack S S W0-622303534 * € 54.61
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.02.
Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack L L W0-622303505 * € 63.02
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.02.
Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack Size XL Size XL W0-622303518 * € 67.18
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Sport-Thieme Ultraviolet Dance Sack XXL XXL W0-622303521 * € 100.83
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.02.

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The Sport-Thieme ultraviolet dance sack creates a fascinating effect when illuminated with ultraviolet light. The opaque material encourages anyone who might be too shy to perform in public.
  • Very hygienic material
  • With highly flexible hems
  • Complies with Öko-Tex Standard 100
Textiles Vertrauen 9600034

Product description

The Sport-Thieme ultraviolet dance sack: promotes creativity and awareness
With the Sport-Thieme ultraviolet dance sack, children and adults can foster and express their creativity. The neon-coloured, yellow material is luminous and particularly so in ultraviolet light. The dance sack has an opening which can be closed with a hook-and-loop fastening. The shells, like the hems, are very flexible. The dance sack is especially suitable for use in perception games, as vision is restricted in the tube-shaped outfit, meaning touch, feel and hearing come to the fore. The sense of balance is also improved.

Product information:
  • Material: 91% polyamide, 9% elastane

Available sizes
  • Size L: for children from 6-13 years, length 140-160 cm
  • Size XL: for children and adults, length 160-190 cm
The Sport-Thieme ultraviolet dance sack for dance, play and therapy
The Sport-Thieme ultraviolet dance sack is an excellent way to give colour to movement and dance and to strengthen expression – be it in nurseries, schools or dance troupes. For children and people with disabilities the ultraviolet dance sack helps improve self-confidence and to express themselves if they are shy. In therapy the dance sack can be used for body awareness in perception games. When you climb completely into the dance sack and pull it over your head your surroundings become hazy. It then comes down to your acoustic perception and tactile senses. Even your awareness of your own body and its movements changes. In role playing, different group members can take specific roles. The luminous dance sacks also create visual stimulation in Snoezelen®.

Get your hands on the ultraviolet dance sack from Sport-Thieme now.

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