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RollerBone® EVA Classic Set

The board for ultimate balancing fun

product details
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
RollerBone® EVA Classic Set
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* € 121.81
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Mon. 02.11.

The RollerBone EVA Classic set is ideal for improving your balance – sharpening and sensitising your senses.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Improve your flexibility, coordination and balance
  • Ideal for fun in your spare time and as a great addition to your training sessions for all kinds of sports
  • Ideal for training barefoot
  • Ideal for preventative therapy and other areas of therapy
The RollerBone EVA Classic set: the balance set with an innovative design
The Roller Bone EVA Classic set consists of a wooden board with a foam surface for barefoot training. The user also benefits from stability. The classic roller is made of PVC and, at 32 cm long, can be placed perfectly under the balance board. Stoppers prevent the board from slipping off the roller. Thanks to the innovative design and mass inertia, the board stabilises itself immediately after tricks.

  • Board
  • Classic roller

Product information:
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 74x41.5x3 cm
  • Material of board: pinewood with a foam surface
  • Diameter of roller: approx. 12.5 cm
  • Roller length: 32 cm
  • Roller material: PVC
RollerBone Classic set: the training set for everyone
The RollerBone Classic set makes your body constantly work to maintain balance – training mobility, coordination and balance. This makes it the perfect addition to training sessions for any sport that requires balance and coordination (surfing, slacklining, climbing, etc.). The characteristics of the surface mean the board is ideal for use barefoot – perfect for improving your sense of balance. Training using the set is gentle, allowing it to be used optimally in therapy and prevention. Thanks to the variety of potential exercises, you can target almost all of your muscle groups during training. You can also easily make your workouts on the board more difficult using dumbbells.

Balance yourself fit, improve your mobility and coordination – order the RollerBone Balance set today.

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