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RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set

Improves your balance and strengthens your muscles

product details
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
RollerBone 1.0 Softpad Set
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* € 88.19
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 09.12.

Koordinationstraining - Level 1 Bewegte Innovation 2017
The RollerBone 1.0 Softpad set is ideal for joint-friendly workouts in the gym, at home, physiotherapy and for prevention.
  • For mobility, balance and coordination training
  • For use in the gym, for physiotherapy or for prevention
  • Air inside the Softpad can be adjusted to suit your desired difficulty level
The RollerBone 1.0 Softpad set: for a safe workout
The RollerBone 1.0 Softpad set consists of a pinewood board and a Softpad, which can be filled with air. The more the Softpad is inflated, the more difficult it is to perform exercises. The pad can be inflated by mouth or using a pump with a matching valve needle. The standing surface of the balance board contains non-slip stripes for stability while standing on it. At the same time, the two ends of the board offer more space for you to stand safely and there are stopper strips underneath the board to stop the Softpad from going any further.

Product information:
  • Board dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 74x41.5x3 cm
  • Softpad diameter: approx. 35.5 cm
  • Board material: pinewood
  • Can hold up to 130 kg
Bring your body into balance!
The RollerBone 1.0 Softpad set is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. With this set you can improve your mobility, balance and coordination in particular. Whether for children, teenagers or adults, this board set is great fun for all ages. But not only is it great for leisure use, it is also perfect for use in professional sports which require balance and coordination skills or in physiotherapy and prevention therapy. Exercises on one leg, press-ups and much more – the movable base brings new demands and stimuli to your body's muscles. Why not add weights to your workouts on the board? The Softpad also has another use: it is perfect for sitting on while working at a desk.

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