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Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box

Unlimited training options to improve your athleticism

product details
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box
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The Pedalo Fitbox is a multifunctional training prop and storage box in one. The box contains all you need for a comprehensive athletic workout.
  • Ideal for plyometric training requiring a platform
  • Training equipment, storage box and fitness bench in one
  • Wide range of possible exercises to strengthen upper and lower body
  • Pre-drilled holes provide plenty of room for horizontal and vertical pull exercises
  • Holes run along the circumference of the board
Made in Germany

Product description

Pedalo Fitbox for comprehensive workouts
The Pedalo Fitbox is made of strong birch plywood – making it extremely sturdy and able to withstand loads of up to 120 kg. This piece of equipment is ideal for plyometric training, including jumps and bounds, to make your legs, back and buttocks stronger. The Pedalo Fitbox can also be used as a support, a seat or a bench for various exercises. Each side of the box has 3 holes to insert 2 gym bars – ideal for workouts involving tubes and providing you with plenty of room for horizontal and vertical pull-ups. The gym bars can also be used as anchor points or handholds.

Product information:
  • Material of box: birch plywood
  • Dimensions (L×W×H): 78×38×33 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Max. load: 120 kg

  • 1 Fitbox
  • 1 pair of textile Power bands
  • 1 textile Flex band
  • 1 cork fascia roller, ø 15 cm
  • 2 round bars
  • 3 coordination balls

Suitable for:
  • Biceps and triceps training
  • Strengthening of abs and back
  • Leg extension and leg curls
  • Adductor and abductor training
  • Strengthening of calves
Athletic training – what it’s all about
Apart from resistance bands, the Pedalo Fitbox also contains foot rockers to improve the strength and mobility of your ankles and legs. When used with the box floor, you have a rocking board, and when combined with the box lid, a challenging "Rola-Bola". Both the "Rola-Bola" and the rocking board are perfect for improving your balance and hip/shoulder coordination. The cork fascia roll can help to break down fascial adhesions, knots and scar tissue, and is ideal for regeneration after your workout as well as for warm-ups.

The training box offers all you need for a comprehensive strength and coordination workout – ideal for improving your athleticism! Don’t delay, order the Pedalo Fitbox now.

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Pedalo "Fitbox" Exercise Box

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Sehr gutes Produkt Sehr gutes Produkt um zu Hause Sport zu machen. Man muss allerdings Kenntnisse um Training und Muskeln haben um richtig trainieren zu können. Für Sportanfänger ohne Einweisung zu anspruchsvoll

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Bought on: 6 January 2020