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Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band

product details
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
Blackroll "Stretch-Band" Loop Band
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Product description

Blackroll Loop-Band "Stretch-Band": Skin-Friendly and Durable

The Blackroll Loop-Band "Stretch-Band" distinguishes itself by incorporating sewn-in loops that offer secure grip during exercises and enable customized workouts based on the athlete's performance level. This band is an exceptional tool for muscle length training, aimed at enhancing your mobility and preventing common discomforts such as back or neck pain. It stands out by focusing on entire muscle chains rather than isolated muscles, ensuring a comprehensive workout. Moreover, this static strength training engages the fasciae at the joint's end positions, making the entire system more flexible and supple.

Product Details:
  • Weight: 102 g
  • Machine washable up to 60 °C
  • Eco-Tex certificate number: 94.0.9158

By incorporating the Blackroll Loop-Band "Stretch-Band" into your training regimen, you are not just investing in muscle health but in your overall well-being. Its skin-friendly material and robust design make it a reliable companion for both professional and personal fitness journeys. This band is perfect for anyone looking to improve their mobility, alleviate everyday discomforts, and achieve a smoother, more integrated muscular system.

End your search for a versatile, high-quality fitness tool with the Blackroll Loop-Band "Stretch-Band". Crafted for durability and comfort, this band is an essential addition to any fitness or therapeutic program, ensuring effective and tailored workouts for users of all fitness levels.


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