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Sport-Thieme for Aerobic-Stepper Rubber Pads

product details
Sport-Thieme for Aerobic-Stepper Rubber Pads Set of 4
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Sport-Thieme for Aerobic-Stepper Rubber Pads Set of 4 Set of 4 W0-622756309 * € 8.39
Leaves warehouse on Fri. 26.04.

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Product description

Enhance Your Aerobic Workouts with Sport-Thieme Rubber Feet for Aerobic Steppers: Secure, and Ready to Step
The Sport-Thieme Rubber Feet for Aerobic Steppers offer a robust solution for a stable and secure aerobic workout experience. These specially designed rubber feet serve as a protective barrier between the aerobic step and the floor, safeguarding sensitive gym flooring from unwanted scratches and damage. Made from TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), these feet excel in providing excellent contact between the stepper and the ground, ensuring your fitness equipment remains firmly in place throughout your workout. This means you can focus on your exercise routine with confidence, knowing your stepper won’t slide or move.

Product Highlights:
  • Material: High-quality TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Diameter: 2.4 cm
  • Color: White

Discover the Optimal Solution for a Secure and Damage-Free Workout
The Sport-Thieme Rubber Feet for Aerobic Steppers are the ideal addition to any fitness regime, offering enhanced stability and protection for both your equipment and flooring. Perfect for gym owners or aerobic enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution to maintain the condition of their workout spaces while ensuring a safe, slip-free exercise environment.

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