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"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence

product details
New Set
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence Without ground sockets
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence Without ground sockets
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence Without ground sockets Without ground sockets
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence Without ground sockets
Version Price ( Set ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set )
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence Without ground sockets Without ground sockets W0-622494904 * € 3276.47
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 19.08.
"Premium", 25x5 m Ball-Stop Fence With ground sockets With ground sockets W0-622494917 * € 3528.57
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 19.08.

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  • Suitable for all wind zones (1–4)
  • Net hooks for convenient net attachment
Made in Germany

Product description

The Ball Catch Net System "Premium", measuring 25x5 meters, offers a foolproof solution to protect against stray shots potentially hitting windows or spectators. The net ensures that the ball stays within the vicinity of the playing field, minimizing interruptions during game play as the ball can be quickly returned to action. This feature is particularly beneficial as it keeps the momentum of the game going, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Installation of the net is straightforward, quick, and secure, utilizing net holders for attachment. This system is designed to withstand conditions in all wind zones (1-4), with a recommended maximum post distance of 500 cm. In wind zone 4, the maximum distance between posts should not exceed 400 cm. The posts are equipped with a groove for net attachment using net holders, which are included in the package. The net is attached at the top using net holders on the crossbeam, while at the bottom, a steel cable is tensioned through which the net is threaded. The system is available in two options: for permanent installation or with ground sleeves for flexibility.

Package includes
  • 6 posts at 550 cm each
  • 5 crossbeams at 500 cm each
  • 125 m² of protective stop net (3 mm, green, mesh size 12 cm)
  • 25 m of tension cable (comprising 1x 20 m and 1x 5 m)
  • 2 sets of mounting hardware
  • Optional: 6 ground sleeves

This Ball Catch Net System "Premium" is indispensable for stadiums, sports fields, and practice facilities aiming for enhanced safety and minimal game interruption. Its robust design and ease of installation make it a perfect choice for various sports environments. Opting for this system means investing in a solution that significantly reduces the risks associated with stray balls, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for both players and spectators alike.

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  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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