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Stramatel "452 MB 3123-2" Scoreboard

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product details
Stramatel "452 MB 3123-2" Scoreboard Radio-operated
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Stramatel "452 MB 3123-2" Scoreboard Radio-operated Radio-operated W0-622908609 * € 8906.72
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  • Easy to read up to 110 m
  • Suitable for 14 sports, also includes Free Mode
  • Incl. keyboard for ease of operation
FIBA Partner Made in EU

Product description

The Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MB 3123-2": A Versatile Multisport Display for Indoor Use
The Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MB 3123-2" is superbly suited for high-level competitions, offering functionalities well beyond traditional score-keeping. This multisport display can show individual player faults, player numbers, penalty times, the number of fouls, timeouts, and set results with an additional control panel making it a comprehensive solution. Moreover, it's operable following the updated FIBA 2020 guidelines. With an anti-glare LCD display and exceptionally large digits, information remains clear to viewers up to 110 meters away. Built for durability, this unit is constructed from polycarbonate. Besides 14 pre-programmed sports, this Stramatel board also features a "Free Mode" for additional sports applications. A wired version is available on request.

  • Score Display: Dual 3-digits, red (25 cm tall)
  • Game Period: Single-digit, green (20 cm tall)
  • Possession Indicator: 2 arrows, red
  • Team Names: 20 alphanumeric characters, yellow (12 cm tall)
  • LED Ticker: 1000 characters
  • Timer/Interval Time: 4-digits, white (25 cm tall) + 2 flashing points
  • Team Fouls: Dual single-digit, yellow, (20 cm tall)
  • Timeout/Penalty Time: Dual 3 points
  • Time of Day: when not in use
  • Individual Player Faults (Side Module): 5 yellow points + 1 red for each player
  • Player Numbers (Side Module): programmable player numbers from 0 to 99, yellow (9 cm tall)
  • Penalty Time Timer: with player numbers/number of fouls, countdown for timeout/set results (Lower Module): 18 digits, red (16 cm tall); 12 digits, yellow (16 cm tall)
  • Compliant with FIBA 2020 guidelines

Package Contents:
  • 1 Scoreboard comprising 4 modules
  • 2 Control Panels
  • 1 Timer Panel
  • 2 Carrying Cases for panel storage
  • 1 PC Keyboard
  • 3 Power Cables
  • 1 Installation and Operating Guide

Product Details:
  • Connection: USB port for software updates and PC keyboard connection
  • Program: 14 sports (Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Indoor Football, Rink Hockey, Inline Hockey, Ice Hockey, Unihockey, Floorball, Netball, Boxing) and Free Mode
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch

This multifunctional Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MB 3123-2" is the ideal addition for any indoor sports facility looking for a versatile, easy-to-read, and robust scoring system. It's suitable for a wide range of sports, ensuring that athletic competitions are both engaging and professionally managed. Invest in this state-of-the-art sports equipment to enhance the competitive experience for players and spectators alike.
Easy installation:
Radio-controlled Stramatel scoreboards are quick and easy to install, you just need a mains connection (230 V).

Keep an eye on the game with a board that can do more! Order the Stramatel "452 MB 3123-2" scoreboard now.

Technical Details

Type of sport
Basketball, Multiple sports
Area of use
320x200x9 cm
102 kg
Number of digits
91 digits
Digit height
12 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm
Range of vision
Up to 110 m
Viewing angle
Power supply
Mains operated
State when delivered
Ready for assembly

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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