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OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake

The perfect belaying device

product details
OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake Indoor
OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake Indoor
OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake Indoor Indoor
OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake Indoor
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OnTop "TopStop Compact" Rope Brake Indoor Indoor W0-623110502 * € 672.26
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The OnTop "TopStop Compact" rope brake boosts safety for climbers!
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals
  • Very easy to learn
  • With accurate description on the device
  • Prevents mistakes when guiding in the rope and attaching the carabiner
  • Certified by TÜV Austria
Made in Germany

Product description

Simpler and safer – the OnTop "TopStop Compact" rope brake
The OnTop "TopStop Compact" rope brake now guarantees even more safety. It's simple to secure, minimising potential errors (such as incorrectly guiding the rope into the belaying device or incorrectly applying the securing mechanism). It is the ideal belaying device for beginners, classes and other groups.

Unlike traditional deflections, the rope is guided not only once, but repeatedly, over rollers. This reduces the effort to be applied by the belayer to around 1 tenth of the weight of the climber. This means: a person weighing 70 kg generates tension of around just 7 kg on the belayer’s end of the rope.

Increased safety:
  • Very easy to learn for beginners
  • Functionality is easy to convey, particularly in large groups (classes, etc.)
  • Minimises handling errors when belaying because the user no longer needs to move their hand from the trailing rope to the braking rope as required for figure-of-eight or HMS belaying
  • Allows for double device belaying (TopStop + figure of eight belaying), considerably reducing the risks when belaying even further and allowing the figure-of-eight belaying technique to be learnt safely
The innovative safety device – the OnTop TopStop Compact rope brake


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