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Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set

product details
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 2
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 3
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 2 Size 2
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 3 Size 3
Size Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 2 Size 2 W0-622770925
You save € 35.82
The set consists of 
* € 147.02
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 23.06.
Sport-Thieme "School" Handball Set Size 3 Size 3 W0-622770938 * € 147.02
Leaves warehouse on Fri. 29.10.

Thanks to its practical size, the Sport-Thieme “School” handball set is perfect for use in school handball games. The training balls impress with their high quality and durability.
  • Robust training balls for long-term use in schools
  • Special surfaces for particularly good grip
  • With ball storage bag for space-saving and convenient storage

Product description

The Sport-Thieme “School” handball set:
Advantages of the “Blue Pro” handball at a glance
The Sport-Thieme “Blue Pro” handball is the perfect, competition-quality training ball. The durability of the hand-stitched ball is particularly impressive, and the foam padding, which ensures optimal grip, as well as the thick outer material only add to the level of quality. In addition, thanks to its rubber-grip surface, there’s no longer any need for resin or adhesives.

Advantages of the “Grippy” handball at a glance
The Sport-Thieme “Grippy” handball features a textured surface for excellent grip. The ball’s internal latex bladder allows less air to escape, meaning ball barely loses any pressure. Another benefit of this bladder is it ensures the ball has excellent rebound.

Traits shared by both sizes of ball
Thanks to their 4-layer construction, both of the size 3 training balls are comparable to competition handballs. Both the size 2 and size 3 sets include a ball storage bag to help keep everything neat and tidy.
Are you looking for a set of high-quality training balls that are suitable for competitions? Then order the Sport-Thieme “School” handball set today.

Technical Details

2770925: Size 2
Handball type
Handball set
2770938: Size 3
Handball type
Handball set