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Derbystar "Planet APS" Football

product details
Derbystar "Planet APS" Football
Article no. Price (Each) Delivery date Quantity (Each)
W0-623160507 * € 72.26
from 10 each € 63.86
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 23.04.

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  • Hand-stitched for high durability

Product description

Introducing the Derbystar "Planet APS" football, a ball that not only meets the highest standards of play but also champions environmental sustainability. Crafted with a cutting-edge Japanese PU outer layer, followed by a three-layer underlining that repels water and ensures a soft touch during play. This football stands out by incorporating recycled materials in its construction – the PU cover is fashioned from 45% recycled PET bottles, while the polyester underlining boosts this to an impressive 80%. The heart of the ball, a zero-wing bladder made from natural latex, ensures optimum roundness and enduring performance on the field.

  • Outer layer made from high-quality Japanese PU for exceptional playability and durability.
  • Three-layer underlining that is water-repellent, ensuring a soft touch and control.
  • Environmentally friendly: 45% of the PU cover and 80% of the polyester underlining are made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Zero-wing bladder crafted from natural latex for unmatched roundness and long-lasting performance.

This Derbystar "Planet APS" football not only elevates the game with its superior design and performance but also aligns with eco-conscious values, making it an excellent choice for teams and leagues committed to sustainability. Crafted with precision and designed to excel, this football is a testament to innovation in sports equipment.

Technical Details

Ball type
Competition ball, Training ball
Who for?
Adults, Teens
68-70 cm
420-445 g
Men's/Women's, Under 14s +
Age group


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