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Footballs and multi-part sets of match and practice balls

Order your footballs for recreational and professional sport quickly and economically at Sport-Thieme. We have the official World Cup ball as well as footballs for practising, five-a-side and softer balls for children. Equip your team easily with the multi-part sets of match and practice balls. Match balls are in line with DFB and FIFA regulations. Tip: The Sport-Thieme sample package comes with many different balls for you to try out.

Footballs for practice and leisure
Footballs are slightly different depending on how they are used and our footballs suit every situation. Practice balls are especially durable and remain firm even after long periods of intensive use. Generally, footballs for outdoor use should be suitable for all field conditions and should absorb no water, making them perfect for rainy weather. Footballs for street football are less bouncy, making them better to control on the hard surface. Five-a-side balls are also firmer than turf balls. Special footballs are used for indoors. These are smaller and heavier and are perfect for this fast, skilful game.

Official match balls and unbeatable offers
At Sport-Thieme, we have high quality Adidas footballs such as the official match balls for the World Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Bundesliga. If you are not sure which football to choose, we recommend the Sport-Thieme sample package. It contains many different footballs for you to try out and compare. See which model suits you best. Our sets come with multiple practice and match balls – perfect for your team.