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Derbystar "Futsal Fair" Futsal Ball

Fairtrade training football

product details
Derbystar "Futsal Fair" Futsal Ball
Derbystar "Futsal Fair" Futsal Ball
Derbystar "Futsal Fair" Futsal Ball
Derbystar "Futsal Fair" Futsal Ball
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  • Fairtrade product
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Excellent playing characteristics, also without re-inflation
  • Excellent ball control as with reduced bounce
  • Excellent ball control and pleasant to the touch

Product description

Derbystar Futsal Ball "Futsal Fair" – The Perfect Indoor Soccer Ball
The Derbystar Futsal Ball "Futsal Fair" stands out not only for its exceptional quality but also for its ethical production, boasting a Fairtrade certification. This means it has been manufactured and traded under fair conditions, ensuring that each purchase contributes to positive social and economic changes. Crafted from durable soft PVC and featuring a butyl bladder, this futsal ball retains air superbly, ensuring consistent playing characteristics without the constant need for re-inflation. Its 32-panel glued surface enhances durability during play, setting a high standard for indoor soccer balls. Players appreciate the gentle contact with the ball and its minimal bounce, making it ideal for competitive matches and practice sessions across various age groups, including the A, B, C youth divisions, as well as men’s and women’s categories. Designed specifically for indoor use, it’s the go-to ball for those seeking quality and fairness in their sporting equipment.

  • Fairtrade certified for ethical production and trading
  • Made from durable soft PVC with a butyl bladder for excellent air retention
  • 32-panel glued surface for enhanced durability and consistent play
  • Offers gentle contact and reduced bounce, perfect for indoor competitive matches and practice
  • Suitable for a wide range of categories including youth divisions, men’s and women’s teams

This Derbystar Futsal Ball "Futsal Fair" is an outstanding choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike who are in search of an indoor soccer ball that combines ethical manufacturing with top-notch performance. Opt for this ball to ensure fair play, both on and off the field, while enjoying its exceptional qualities.

Technical Details

Ball type
Futsal ball, Training ball
Area of use
Men's/Women's, Under 14s +
Age group
Material Surface
Soft PVC
Structure surface
Without structure
Soft PVC
62-64 cm
400-440 g
Air pressure
0.7-0.9 bar
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