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Gala® Football-Tennis Ball

Football with a twist!

product details
Gala® Football-Tennis Ball
Price (Each) Delivery time Quantity (Each)
* € 49.95
from 10 each € 44.95
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Mon. 02.03.
The Gala football-tennis ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and for training your coordination, endurance and speed.
  • Ball meets all FIFTA technical standards
  • This ball game trains endurance, speed and coordination
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bonded ball made up of 32 panels
The Gala football-tennis ball: conforms to FIFTA technical standards
The Gala football-tennis ball is made of imitation leather and has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. The butyl bladder inside the ball ensures the required roundness, even during continuous use. This match ball has 32 panels, which are bonded. With its circumference of 68–70 cm, the ball is equivalent to a size 5 football. What’s more: the Gala football-tennis ball meets all technical parameters of FIFTA (Fédération Internationale Football-Tennis Association).

Product information:
  • Material: artificial leather
  • Circumference: 680–710 mm
  • Weight: 396–436 g
  • Butyl bladder
  • Colour: black and white
Football tennis: How does it work?
Football tennis can be played in singles and doubles on a 9x12.8-m court, or in triples on a 9x18-m court. The game is played with 2 teams and the corresponding number of people. The court is divided by a tennis net and the ball is played with the feet. The rules depend on the number of players. If mistakes are made, such as touching the net, breaking the rules, or touching the ball with the hand or arm, the opposing team gets a point. The game consists of 2 sets.
Rules for singles, doubles and triples:

  • Singles: 1 player, 2 touches, 1 bounce.

  • Doubles: 2 players, up to 3 touches (2 consecutive touches by the same player not permitted), 1 bounce for men and 2 for women and juniors.

  • Triples: 3 players, up to 3 touches (2 consecutive touches by the same player not permitted), 1 bounce for men and 2 for women and juniors.

Do you also fancy combining tennis and football? Then buy your Gala football-tennis ball now.

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