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Basketballs for halls, sports grounds or the street

Sport-Thieme has a great selection. Our extensive Basketball-Shop has all the popular ball sizes for children, youngsters, men and women. Choose between balls for beginners, practice balls and tournament balls. Beach-Basketball played on sand is a new trend on the up…..yes, we also have the right ball for this

Basketballs for indoors and out
Basketball isn’t only popular in the USA. This popular team game is also enjoyed in equal measure here by young and old alike. Basketball requires ball skills, speed and co-ordination, together with tactical understanding and good team play. The streetball variant of basketball can also be great fun right outside your front door.

Basketballs: different sizes made from different materials
Basketballs come in different sizes according to age and gender. The official match ball for men is the size 7, with a circumference of 75 cm and weighs 600 g. Women use a size 6 ball, which has a circumference of 72 cm and weighs 520 g. For children from the age of 10, the size 5 ball is suitable. There are also differences in what balls are made of: basketballs used for beginners and for practice are frequently made of special non-slip nylon, whereas, leather basketballs are used for official matches.