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Sport-Thieme "Club" High Jump Stands

product details
Sport-Thieme "Club" High Jump Stands 2 m
Height Price ( Pair ) Delivery date Quantity ( Pair )
Sport-Thieme "Club" High Jump Stands 2 m 2 m W0-621238206 * € 184.03
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.06.
Sport-Thieme "Club" High Jump Stands 2.5 m 2.5 m W0-621238219 * € 192.44
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.06.
Accessories W0-621238206 (2 m)

The Sport-Thieme "Club" high jump stands impress thanks to their excellent stability and weatherproofing. The jump height is very easy to precisely adjust.
  • Recessed centimetre measuring tape allows accurate reading
  • Non-slip rubber buffers on the underside
  • Safety device prevents the T-base from falling over
  • Incl. a pair of screw clamps with protective pads
5 Jahre Garantie

Product description

Product information
  • T-base: 60×60×28 cm
  • Aluminium post: 40×40 mm
Finding the right high jump equipment
Finding the right high jump equipment is trickier than you might think. Excellent impact absorption is essential, of course. Spike protection is also required to prevent the mat from becoming damaged. If your high jump mat will be left outside overnight, you'll need a rain cover to keep the mat dry. Naturally, the high jump stands are another key component of the set-up. Same as the Sport-Thieme "Club" high jump stands, these should be sturdy, come with crossbar supports that are easy to adjust, and feature a measuring tape that allows for accurate readings. There must be a clearance of 10 cm between the stands and the mat, if the high-jump equipment is used for competitions. This is to prevent the crossbar from dislodging as a result of the impact on the mat.

Don’t quite yet have the right high jump stands for your school or club? Then order this sturdy pair of Sport-Thieme "Club" high jump stands today.

Product rating 5

Sport-Thieme "Club" High Jump Stands

4.27 of 5 Stars: Very good

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