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Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat

For training and competitions alike

product details
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm
Sizes Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 500x300x70 cm 500x300x70 cm W0-623011906 * € 6049.58
Leaves warehouse on Sun. 07.07.
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 600x300x70 cm 600x300x70 cm W0-623011919 * € 6721.85
Leaves warehouse on Sun. 09.06.
Vennekel "SpikeFlex Pro" High Jump Mat 600x400x70 cm 600x400x70 cm W0-623011922 * € 9242.86
Leaves warehouse on Sun. 09.06.

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Product description

The Vennekel High Jump Mat "SpikeFlex Pro" is an ingeniously designed high-performance landing mat tailored for both training and competition, ensuring exceptional landing characteristics. Its unique construction comprises three base mats, each encased in individual water-resistant PVC covers, topped with a wear mat for enhanced durability. The outer layer features a spike-resistant mesh fabric, with side covers made from PVC tarpaulin and a non-slip gymnastics mat fabric on the underside. A standout feature is the SpikeFlex grid protective fabric, known for its skin-friendly and tear-resistant qualities. This special fabric ensures optimal air circulation, contributing to the mat's longevity while providing the perfect balance of softness and elasticity for every landing. This design not only optimizes the athlete's protection against abrasions but also ensures a cushioned and secure landing experience.

The assembly and disassembly process is simplified with the use of quick-release fasteners that securely connect the individual modules. These fastenings allow for a rapid, effortless setup and takedown, ensuring the base mats (each measuring 200x400x60 cm) are easily stored. Additionally, the high jump mat comes equipped with all-around webbing straps, facilitating secure attachment of a rain cover, thereby enhancing its utility and durability.

Benefits at a glance:
  • Three base mats, each in individual PVC covers with zippers on three sides for easy access
  • One separate wear mat attachable to the base mats with buckle fasteners for a seamless fit
  • Wear mat thickness: 10 cm, reversible for extended usability
  • Base mats linked with a joint protection tape to ensure a cohesive landing surface
  • Convenient quick-release fasteners for efficient assembly
  • Hollow-chamber mat core made from highly flexible and durable PUR foam for optimal landing properties
  • Ventilation grid on the top surface for enhanced air circulation
  • Aluminium buckle fasteners
  • Two handles on the short side of each base mat for easy transportation

What you receive:
  • Three base mats with covers
  • One wear mat with cover
  • Joint protection tapes
  • Integrated strap fasteners

Product details:
  • Side material: PVC tarpaulin
  • Underside material: Rain-Stop PVC
  • Core material: PUR foam
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 500x300x70 cm, 600x300x70 cm, 600x400x70 cm

The Vennekel High Jump Mat "SpikeFlex Pro" stands out for its exceptional quality and design, tailored to meet the demands of athletes and sports facilities alike. Its specialized materials and construction ensure a durable, comfortable, and secure landing experience, making it an essential choice for athletic training and competitions.

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