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Stop watches

Stopwatches for training and competitions

Stopwatches are indispensable for all sports where speed counts. At Sport-Thieme you will find a wide selection of high-quality brand names – whether analogue or digital. You have the choice of standing, hanging or pendant stopwatches, as well as wristwatches or finger stopwatches.

Stopwatches for training and competitions
On your marks, get set, go! Whether swimming, running, rowing or cycling: stopwatches show you who is fastest. Apart from the simple start and stop function, modern stopwatches have many additional features. They measure split times, lap and track counts and assist you to record your successes and improve your times during training. High-quality stopwatches store extensive data and can compare results. A PC stopwatch that can connect to the computer via USB provides particularly detailed evaluation possibilities. Stopwatches with a built-in printer can even print out results on-site. At Sport-Thieme you will also find original Hanhart stopwatch models.

Which stopwatch to buy?
When choosing the right stopwatch, you should make sure that it is ideally suited to your needs. What features do you need? For individual running training, a simple finger stopwatch is the best solution. Would you like to always keep track of how much time is left? Then, a timer stopwatch is the right choice. Stopwatches for swimming pools must be splash resistant. Stopwatches for mounting into sports halls should be equipped with safety glass.